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About Us
A picture of a hall with a Chandelliar hanging and the picture being in 3D anaglyph can be seen using matching red/cyan glasses.
A sample 3D anaglyph picture,
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We have been doing Photography and Videography in USA since 1997 for
  non-profit organizations and
  for our hobby.

We had been working on using the latest technology available
  we invested all of our non-productive time in researching and
  we spent all we could afford for the same.

We started with recording long discourses in videos and audios, for details click here- once
 We needed to create multiple copies in less time without losing quality and
  distributed in cassettes in high quality
  still gave full recording and quality.
 We found that only the Original or Master copy gave best results
  We determined how many cassettes to record together, using multiple VCR
  we discovered that different brands gave different results,
   so to play original we used the best one in playing,
   and to record we used the best ones in recording
  a VCR used a component input and can provided one component output and a composite
  composite deteriorated quality, so one VCR could fan out only one VCR
  after three VCR the quality deteorated
  from original, we could take out three simultaneous outputs by splitting.
  Hence we recorded nine copies at a time from a master
 We also researched on how to bring down the number of cassettes in a set without loosing quality.
  We brought them down from 7 to 3 by recording in long length cassettes in LP mode,
  We did not support piracy. We do not produce copies if the video is produced and sold by other company.
We made CD(s) in 2000 and DVDs in 2007 and mastered both.

It was early since people had not started buying the DVD players. The disk storage was easier. Still if we were not to sacrifice quality, a cassette could be recorded in two disks. So giving a set of 6-8 disks was not easy for a few years.

Making a disk was not easy for long videos. There were many technological and quality issues to deal with. Other successful DVD makers were making half to two hours in a disk where as we were trying to put in 3 - 7 hours to make sets of 20-30 hours of videos.

We started recording in high definition as soon as the camcorders were available and started working on high definition disks. We either put high definition material in a DVD or in a Blu-Ray. We figured out that we can also put a 20-30 hour program video footage in two Blu-Ray disks - we call them BD.

Since 2012 we started working on 3D photography. It did not work before and turned out to be an impossible task. And now we have produced different types of 3D outputs.
  to view on a 3D TV - we can zoom in to the subject
  to view in Anaglyph mode whether on a TV or print - viewed with anaglyph glasses (red/blue) lens
  to view in a 3D picture frame
  to print photo album with a mix of 2D and 3D pictures
  working on able to print on a paper to be able to see in 3D without glasses
  and will be working on making a 2D TV into a 3D TV, at a very low cost.

Compare seeing a 2D photo with a 3D photo

Interestingly - Words ending in D - CD, DVD, HD, BD, QHD, 3D

Coming up for further reading: What a difference it makes when you go from 2D to a 3D and QHD view and use USB

On a positive note-
We like to do the work to the best of my capability. Fortunately, many of our endeavors have turned out to be good which gives us a great satisfaction.

A word about myself-
I am basically a researcher, who likes to create concepts and products to create an unprecedented benefit to society. For this purpose I took to a profession of computer to earn money and save for independent unrestricted research. Further I extended the skills in sound, photo and video to help people to get excellent recordings of their work on their projects, and I can earn more in spare time.

And I also extended the work to business of sale / purchase to mobilize my products, Audio, Video and Photography, and to earn money for living and finances for the research.

The research ideas are projects in energy, information technology, ethics and culture, and convenience products. These ideas are Gifts of Almighty and hence innovative. They just arose in my heart, I did not create them and new ideas keep erupting more and more every day.

Currently I have a need to pay bills to make my living, so being able to do research is still far. I help people by doing discounted or free work when asked for, but any paid work given to me helps me get closer to the goals stated above.

I pray for the well being of society, and I urge that people earn more in less time and are able to find time to enjoy what they earned.

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