Audio and Video Grapher; Text and Book Composition and Translation

Points to Ponder
A picture of a hall with a Chandelliar hanging and the picture being in 3D anaglyph can be seen using matching red/cyan glasses.
A sample 3D anaglyph picture,
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If you ever wonder why you should spend money in the photography by AV, you should consider this-
Your money pays for our business
 for our living
 for our research and mastering new technology
 and you in turn get more options and more knowledge from us.

Your buying results in a equal amount of savings to the government
 by them not having to pay us equal amount of our food and living
 plus they get tax revenues as well

Both together result in an equal amount of savings to them.
The same money comes back to you after sometime as a tax reduction or reduction in tax increase
 which means that you get your product and services from us eventually free (as quick as in a year)

We serve financially challanged people and member organizations by discounting or not charging for our time, and other investments. We try to accomodate all types of situations.
  We think the present for the people first and think the future next.

Compare supporting a poorman's business with giving to a non-profit organization

Coming up for further reading: Job mindset vs business venture mindset

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