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Little Details / Rate Builder
A picture of a hall with a Chandelliar hanging and the picture being in 3D anaglyph can be seen using matching red/cyan glasses.
A sample 3D anaglyph picture,
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We list here the basic elements of any work involved and corresponding rates which go along.

Chart Standard Rates Members RatesMember Organizations
Task Photo Video Photo Video Photo Video
First Camera
1st hour
$100 $100 $100
Additional Hour $25
$25 $25
Additional Camera
1st hour
$50 $25 $25
Additional Camera
Additional Hour
$25 $25 $
Editing with Merging and rating Multiple Camera together
First Camera
each hour recorded
$40 $40* $40*
Additional Camera
each hour recorded
$60 $40* $20*
Disk Creation DVD / HD / BD
up to 3hrs
per disk
per type
180 / 2 types
260 / 3 types
Master (1st) Disk $20 / $10 $20 / $10 $10
Addl copy BD
Notice period
1mo - 3mo $20 $20 $0 ($200ic)
2wk - 1mo $40 $40ic $40 ($200c)
1wk - 2wk $40 $40ic $70 ($400c)
1da - 1wk $80 $80ic $140 ($800c)
Delivery period
6mo - 1yr included nc nc
3mo - 6mo included nc $200 ($1000c)
1mo - 3mo $100 $200ic $400 ($2000c)
2wk - 1mo $200 $400ic $800 ($3000c)
1wk - 2wk $400 $600ic $1600 ($4000c)
1da - 1wk $800 $800ic $2000 ($4400c)
A session is of a maximum duration of half a day, and done in one stretch, no breaks. Additional hours pertain to one session only. These terms are being revised constantly, based on changes in understanding
* The work may not be compatible with urgency
x - y : we will try to deliver starting x period, and do our best to deliver by y period.
Video recording may not be done in HD if the order is only for a DVD. In this case switching to HD or BD later will not be an option.
Payment for urgency to be received in advance, but even with order and receipt there is no guarantee of work delivery in the given period. Charges are for efforts only.
ic - these charges are if no conflicts (if Conflicts, order will not be taken)
Urgency charges are applicable with the order provided there is no conflict discovered. With these payments received in advance we will try our best to not fall in any conflicts, but it is not guaranteed.
Even with the receipt of payments new conflicts can be discovered and schedule can change. Delivery schedule may change but payments may not be refunded in such cases.

If you are a member or a volunteer of a member organization, you can get some special rates.

If you are having your event booked through a member organization, or in the member organization facility, you can get some of the member organization rates. Check with us what can we do. Member organization's (especially non-profit ones) work should not demand urgency and any profit or loss claims. So the rates for urgency are also displayed accordingly to discourage.
c - Charges apply if there is a conflict discovered and order taken if we can hope to find capacity. But we will try to still take the order with these conflicts because of the matching payment amounts