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Member Organizations
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Being a member of AV supports AV for all research and helping other people in need by charging them what they can pay happily. Plus AV also provides you new ideas, and discounted rates.

You can either be a single member or member of an member organization for the special rates.

To become a member you can pay the membership per year, which finances our business. Organizations can pay membership fees and give AV their membership as a two way membership to open door for access and volunteership, so that special rates can be given to the organizational events and its members or customers. Another way to have special rates is by having a relationship or a relationship business of a certain amount in a previous year.

Type of MembershipAnnual RatesQuarter RatesSpecial for 2014
Member Organization
add its own membership
$800 $300 NA
Individual Member
Includes its family, parents
and their children families
$400 $200 NA
Individual Member
Includes immediate family only
$80 $40 $10 and up

Futher: Membership needs to be pre-purchased and current at the time of order.
For every order, full money is payble in advance
Money will be adjusted or changed during the work time until completion based on the work requirements, any changes, any new discovery, and needs to be paid by the delivery (before receiving the delivery).
Money charged is for efforts only and not for results.
Member co-operation is a necessary part of the project if in any way needed.
Ticket, stay, food and travel expenses are to be paid extra.
Media charges extra
Rates subject to change anytime but we try not to change more than once a month

Current Special Relationship Organizations and friends

Bharatiya Hindu TempleMembers of this temple
Martin Janis CenterEmployess of this Center and relationship members
Heritage Creek Some neighbors
Facebook friends Friends are dear to us
Other friends Friends who value our friendship

We like to help and serve people who get into our relationship. We can send our offers when available if you express interest.