Audio and Video Grapher; Text and Book Composition and Translation

Service Packages
A picture of a hall with a Chandelliar hanging and the picture being in 3D anaglyph can be seen using matching red/cyan glasses.
A sample 3D anaglyph picture,
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We have a variety of special purpose packages with corresponding rates

Service Standard Rates Members Member Organizations
Packages Photo Video Photo Video Photo Video
Sweet 16 $960 $1000 $400 $800 $240 $260
Other Birthday $100 $100
$60$100 $45 $45
Small Party
300 max
$960 na $400 na $240 $1610
$3000$3500 $2000 $3000 $1000 $2000
per session
$400$960 $100 $170 $45 $130
per session
$400$960 $100 $170 $45 $130
A session is of a maximum duration of half a day, and done in one stretch, no breaks.
All Photo includes 3D photo, Choose to pick from a Photo Album printed or on a Media (USB / CD / DVD)
All Video recording is done in HD and get one of HD-DVD or BD. In some cases above 2 video we do camera recording.
For third camera, additional charges apply

If you are a member or a volunteer of a member organization, you are eligible for special rates.

If you are having your event booked through a member organization, or in the member organization facility, you get the member organization rate.