Audio and Video Grapher; Text and Book Composition and Translation

Charges breakdown
A picture of a hall with a Chandelliar hanging and the picture being in 3D anaglyph can be seen using matching red/cyan glasses.
A sample 3D anaglyph picture,
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If your rates do not fit into any of the other pages, then here is how you can build your rates. This table is only a guideline to give what goes in a work to give more details

Service B/W Rates Color
1 Side 2xS 1 Side 2xS
Letter8c10c 10c12c
Legal10c12c 12c14c
Ledger14c$2 18c$2
Other sizes / Paper needing Glass Scan
up to Letter50c $150c $1
up to Ledger$1 $2$1 $2
Photo taking of papers or objects
Starting$1 $1
Letter10c15c 20c35c
Legal12c17c 22c37c
Ledger20c30c 40c70c
VCards/ 200 Text Text w Picture
Design $10 - 75
Card Stock$10 $20 $20 $40
Glossy Paper $10 $20
Photo Paper $13 $23 $20
Duplex Photo
or equivalent
$13 $23 $20 $40
Photo or Picture Print
Letter $1 $2
Ledger $2 $8
	Add $2 + 25% for order processing for less than $10
	Free order processing for min order of $10
	Free pick up or delivery for min order of $100 and in Columbus or vicinity area