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Picture and Video - Standard Rates
A picture of a hall with a Chandelliar hanging and the picture being in 3D anaglyph can be seen using matching red/cyan glasses.
A sample 3D anaglyph picture,
(click to expand)

We do picture sessions for 1-4 hours, for families and recommend doing that twice a year. In this session, the family and friends collect at their home or a location, and pose for a large number of pictures, with different dresses you may have (time permitting) preferrably in 3D so that they can treasure them in a flash drive or DVD. They can be watched on a picture frame or a high definition TV. Having low cost 3D TVs available with QHD resolution it makes more sense to say bye bye to print albums and have stored them in digital media. The later viewing is a lot of fun esp when a picture is 3D and can be zoomed in at any point.

Rates in $$$ Photo Video Both
3D rates are for Stationary Picture taking only 2D 3D SD HD 2D /SD 3D / HD
Picture Taking per hour $110$240 $125 $280 $240 $440
Per 4 hr session in one of
morning / afternoon / evening
$400$960 $500 $1000 $750 $1610

The Video work is mostly needed in events and we price everything using the above rate or another way listed in another page. There we break down the rates completely based on functions and let customer choose what they would like to have. Still there is another way which lists the packages and their flat rates.

In the above rates, you will have to add $2 for each CD and DVD $12 for a BluRay disk and $20 for an USB drive. You may bring your own USB to same, but you cannot save in shipping unless you have a free shipping coupon.