Audio and Video Grapher; Text and Book Composition and Translation

Terms and Conditions
A picture of a hall with a Chandelliar hanging and the picture being in 3D anaglyph can be seen using matching red/cyan glasses.
A sample 3D anaglyph picture,
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the AudioVideoGrapher company, I / we / us or Atul and Ritu Garg and family
work in any form such as a (but not limited to) photograph, picture, video footage, print, electronic form, etc.
the buyer who sets up the place, gives order, Pays for the work
the participant, the subject in the picture or video, who acts or exists in the media
who owns the media along with the primary owner (who is the creator.)
    If you want to post media and want to know the terms and conditions. Here is the understanding which we carry for our work.
  1. You have set up the place.
  2. Participants who were photographed also prepared for it are the "contents".
  3. You have paid for the work
  4. I did the photo processing and returned the work to you.
    Based on these facts I hold-
  1. I am the owner of the media
  2. Participants (the contents) and You (the buyer) are co-owners of the media.
  3. Each co-owner can use these photos for any purpose such as
    a. to grow business, b. earn money, c. publicise or advertise.
  4. So long as it does not harm any one of us' dignity or hurt our feelings, or finances.
  5. A prior permission for the usage is not needed, but an information sharing is recommended - time permitting
  6. These terms hold until any of us approach all of us and expresses to cancel or change the terms. In that case a recording should be preserved and shared in form of-
    1. a written exchange of the terms and agreement or
    2. a videography of the meeting and statement when all are present.
  7. These terms are effective unless you write to me back for changes or rejection.
  8. You may also let the Participants (the Contents know about this) if you feel it is necessary.
  9. Further you being a buyer are not co-owner if
    1. you did not pay for the work in advance
    2. you did not pay for the work in full
    3. you got a discount except if the discount is through a coupon which states - "co-owner rights to stay"
    4. and if you are not a co-owner, all the contents are not co-owners either.
    5. contents can pay the full amount (or a certain amount agreed between us which cannot be less than the full amount) on buyer's behalf to become the co-owner and substitute the buyer / customer.
  10. There is no commitment to deliver the result. Money is charged for the efforts and expenses only. If the work does not complete or results do not come, the buyer and contents cannot not hold me or (AV) responsible and must not chargeback.
  11. Buyer needs to co-operate with providing the information and timely previewing the work in intermediate or finished form and provide any insight asked for in a timely manner, and stick to it.
  12. Buyer should not expect or ask the work prior to 3 months time of completion unless the urgency charges are included and paid in advance.
  13. A normal work should complete within a year's time, and if it does not complete with no fault of buyers and contents, then AV can reduce charges or refund all the money at its sole discreetion. AV can still choose to give the completed work which buyer should accept with no regrets or upset.
  14. A feedback is solicited for the work in verbal or writing form, and if not satisfied and if AV finds it logical, AV can do some more work or in anyway can try to satisfy the customer/buyer/content in a reasonable limits of time, money and resources.