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Health Assessment
At your convenience and door steps
Weekend or Weekdays
Days or Evenings
Weight Management Options
Find real cause and corresponding treatment
Genetic Test
Trial and Hit
Alternative sources
Detoxification Solutions
Nourish your body
Strengthen your muscle
Quick recovery after long work hours
Energy Drink with low sugar and B12
Vitamins and Minerals at all potency and price
Different combination for different conditions
Heart, Skin, Nails, Hair, Bones
Helpful for increased Memory and Brain power
Non-Addictive solutions
Energy Drinks with low sugar and B12
Get Energy for all work
Get rid of reliance on Coffee and other drinks
Get rid of Constipation and other body ailments
Get rid of excessive fat - as a side benefit
Many flavours to choose from
Find us in
The Ohio State Fair
The Delaware County Fair
The Pearl Market.
New ideas every time
The High Definition Video Recording and Editing
Blu Ray creation with many many hours per disk or Hi Def
3D picture production as a family event twice a year
Long event's recording and quality production
Albums of talents in HD
Albums of Personal pictures and / or Family pictures - The Memoir
Energy conservation and / or generation
Story writing and profiling

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