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Mehandi Designs - Classic, New or Bring your own - your choice
Find us in (We were there)
The Ohio State Fair
The Delaware County Fair
The Pearl Market.
Different designs
Flowers, leafs, others
Ornaments, bracelet, rings
Names, Letters, patterns
Different Purpose and Occasions
Party, Events
Casual application types for fun
Bridal application types
On different parts of body
Hand, Feet, Shoulder, Back
Team of free hand artists
Pricing by Size and Work involved
Small dot to large patterns
$4 per sq. inch
- determines the basic calculation method
- Plus add for complexity and difficulty
Hourly $100 per hour
- suited for Parties
- all friends and families together
Click to learn about Mehandi
How it is made
How much will it stay
4 Satisfaction
Pictures of Sample Designs
List / Pictures of Satisfied Customers with Mehandi application
List of Unhappy Cushtmurs

Telephone is

Text 971-0124



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