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Henna Mehandi
Is a grounded paste from Mehandi bush. The taste is bitter, not recommended to be eaten, the initial color is dark green, it leaves reddish brown color on the skin when applied on top of it for a sufficient time. Is used in India for skin beauty and protection.
Non invasive and safe.
Dries in 5-50 minutes.
Reapplication of sweet lemon water, when dry, brings more color.
Color stays for up to 3 weeks, depends on the skin and washing.
We do many things to satisfy you. Some things to note:
Henna ink if mixed can cause chemical reaction to the skin. While chemical mixing in Henna may bring instant colors and make it darker, we avoid them.
The product we have may still contain chemicals without our knowledge, please inform us if you discover this.
The Natural leaves should not cause any reactions, but if this is your first time we recommend a test.
If your religion or culture does not allow or is not sure please be responsible and do not apply. We are not here to advocate Henna application and educate about the good it does.
If you do not like the design or change your mind, please tell us. We may be able to satisfy you.
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