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Pictures with nugs (Jewels) decorated

Bhagwan Ganesh ji white complexion, decorated with jewels nugs, dancing with joy and giving fortune Bhagwan Ganesh ji

This picture depicts Bhagwan Ganesh ji in white complexion. He is decorated with jewels - nugs, dancing with joy and is a-showering fortune (gifting every one with affection). He is son of mother nature, and is in "Ishwar" (above human) category. Out of all Dev and Bhagwan, he is most close to our material world. He energizes all solid state matter, earth/soil and their smell, touch and feel. He is master of all intelligence and success.

People make idol to pray or decorate. Some unknowingly play also, but those who make fun or insult in any way make the mother nature unhappy over them. They block the a-showers and incur huge losses in their lives.

This picture has Ganesh ji decorated with jewels and is made with full honour. Ganeshji with his beautiful eyes and comforting hands is showering his love and fortune to all who come in front of him. Looking at him is accepting his a-showerings and folding hands is even better. Ganesh ji's respect surely pleases mother nature too.

Bhagwan Krishn ji standing flute cow calf, decoracted with jewels nugs Bhagwan Krishn, Flute, Cow, Calf, Peacock.

Summary of the characters:
This picture shows a moment of Bhagwan Krishn when boy. He is considered almighty, but pretends like normal. The only quality he shows is empathy and love, otherwise he is short, dark and uneducated. His family and all others have cows and sell milk and its products to the towns for living. His parents were head of the place. There were big, dangerous and other creature threats in forests. His parents tried to hide him to keep safe, but somehow he wins over them and goes out to participate in daily earnings with his flute and calf when child and cow when grows. His parents decorate him and his dress with jewels and give him a crown of peacock feathers. When alone he liked to play his flute.

He goes to a new forest every day. He is accompanied with other boys and their cows / calves. Every day he meets big dangerous creatures who would eat away man and other living beings. He used to do nothing until they did a lot of harm. Then he talked to them in their language to go back to their allocated and confined space, when refused, he used to kill them in moments and also burn their body into ashes. Then used his powers to bring the life back to normal and undo the harm. But he did it all secretly and made the place and surroundings free of all such creatures and their remains which humans could never deal with.

Nature welcomed him always. Where ever he saw or went, fruits, flowers and leaves blossomed, trees and plants showered flowers and fruits, the vines and grass grew tall bowed to his feet, different kinds of jewels, pearls and diamonds appeared everywhere in abundance and decorated and filled up the places of his presence. Sun or moon came out in full, clouds provided shadow on him and mild drizzle to make it cooler. He filled every place with prosperity and love. If he met someone unhealthy or crippled, just by touch or sight he healed them fully and they became most beautiful.

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Bhagwan Ganesh ji white complexion, decoracted with jewels nugs Shiv ji Parvati ji and Ganesh ji Family

Look into the eyes of Shiv ji and feel his love. Slowly find your sorrows and different shortcomings disappear.

This picture depicts Shiv ji, mother Parvati ji, Ganeshji, sitting on a piece of stone cut for sitting. They are dressed well and decorated by artist and dovotees.

Normally they lead most simple life, with almost no clothes, food, etc. They cover their bodies with ashes of dead or burnt things. Which ever creature comes close to them, does not leave them and accompany them forever. The foremost ones are a tiger, snakes and a bull. In their natural form they do not have a body, but they appear occasionally in one of their many forms. Each time it is new.

Their form represent a way of making connection to the knowledge. The knowledge is all that is possible in idea space which consists of imaginary and real world. They appear in real world and imaginary world alike. They have no boundaries. If they appear in a dream, that also becomes true. Nothing can imitate them even in dream and in imagination. So if a picture is drawn 100% correct, it will become them. It is hard to find one who knows exactly how they look. All only speculate and draw in different ways.

They spread purity, simplicity, knowledge, joy and fortune.

Bhagwan Krishn ji standing flute cow calf, decoracted with jewels nugs Bhagwan Krishn ji when child, eating butter

Artist drew this picture to the best of his knowledge how Krishn ji would have looked when child. He has a pot full of butter and other tasty food stuff. He liked to eat and parents or other households did not have problem with. But he used to spread it also. He would call other boys, monkeys, and smaller beings and distribute it to all which annoyed the adults. They often scolded Krishn ji. But it did not bother him at all nor he changed.

When he was around there was life everywhere, when he would go, they would all become like lifeless. Their lives were completely devoted to Krishn ji. They all loved and fully surrendered to him. They loved him because they loved him and not because they cared if he was rich / poor or powerful or intelligent or Bhagwan the almighty. In fact he hid his powers from them and acted like a cute naughty child only.

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