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Soaps to Clean
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Ideally soaps are supposed to clean skin. If a Moisturizer is added then it interferes with the cleaning.
1. the contents of soap are reduced by the amount of moisturiser within
2. the most of the moisturiser is washed off by the soap action
3. rinsing takes longer, more water and more soap is used
4. and more time is used in cleaning.

Using our plain soap, you can cut down the shower time by 2 - 4 times. You will have to apply soap less number of times (if previously you needed to apply 2 times, with this soap you will apply only once) and cleaning and rinsing will seem more effective.

Our soaps are currently made at home with pure Coconut oil only. It does not contain any of lard, animal fat or fat from meat/chicken/beef or dead bodies, wax, synthetic and other substandard oil or fat for cost savings.

This soap completely qualifies for Vaishnav, Jain, Hindu and Vegan practitioners

The plain bar-soap does not have any added smell. The coconut oil smell is also absent.

Trapeziodal Soap bar for full use. Will not reduce to thin flat to shatter, but will wear in slant to diminish into a point. extra 10-20% life.

Still there are different colors and flavors to choose from lightly added to the soap

Plain Rose Lavender Lemon Aloe

Kevrda, Chandan, Eucalyptus, Night Queen

Or odd sizes or Powder

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